Term 3, 2018 Pricing and Discounts (10 week term)

An annual registration fee of $40 is charged on commencement of classes in order to cover insurance, administration and music licencing costs, this is only for NEW enrolments in Term 3, others have been charged in Term 1.


30 Minute Class 45 Minute Class 60 Minute Class 75 Minute Class 90 Minute Class
$150.00/ 10 Week Term (inc GST) $180/ 10 Week Term
(inc GST)
$210/ 10 Week Term
(inc GST)
$255 / 10 Week Term
(inc GST)
$280 / 10 Week Term
(inc GST)
Calculated individually
per student
2-3 Classes 5%  
4 Classes 10%  
5 Classes 15%  
6 + Classes 20%  
Trial Class $17.50 (Inc GST)

Note: All prices are inclusive of 10% GST

Click on the Enrol Now! button to enrol online.

There are NO REFUNDS on any payment of term fees or costume hire if a student chooses to withdraw mid-term or prior to a performance.

K2Dance offers the multiple class discount to families

(calculated per Family on total amount)
2 Students = 5%
3 Students = 10%
4 or more Students = 15%

Mid-term Enrolments

If there is room in a class mid-term enrolments will be accepted and fees must be paid within two weeks of class commencement.


Any dancer found to be attending classes without paying their tuition fees will be charged a $20 penalty fee to cover administration costs.

Concert / Performance Fees

Concert and costume fees will be charged for the annual showcase. Details of these specific amounts will be communicated prior to the performance period.

Throughout 2017 students may be invited to take part in performances or company projects. Fees for these projects will be communicated to students as opportunities arise.

Withdrawal from classes

If a dancer chooses to withdraw from classes for any reason, please inform Kristal or Kristin 2 weeks in advance. This is to assist with planning for performances and opens up space in classes for new students.

Payment Options

Credit Card - Pay Online: We will send you an invoice with the option to pay via credit card.
We will charge your credit card once confirmation of acceptance is made.
Post cheque or money order to: K2Dance
PO Box 287
North Fremantle, WA 6159
Cash, cheques or money orders can be given directly to reception at K2Dance.
Electronic Transfer: Account name: K2Dance Pty Ltd
BSB: 016 350
Account number: 282754088
Please use the student’s name/Fee in the comment section for payment so we can identify the payee. (e.g. BROWNT1FEES).